Polypropylene van lining sheets

Large format white PP sheets have been designed for optimum use in interior van lining kits. Polypropylene sheets are available in two thicknesses, 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm depending on the demands of the application. PE protection film on one side preserves the gloss finish until its removal on van completion. ER&GE also offers to buy back waste off-cuts for re-processing.

Composite boards

This innovation is used in interior construction, e.g. for door, window and drywall panels. The sandwich panel consists of PS foam and outer layers of UV resistant PP sheets with protection film. It not only offers excellent insulation it can also be processed cleanly and is aesthetically pleasing.

Non slip mats

Our non-slip mats are used in drawers for fitted kitchens in order to hold cutlery trays in place. This design concept came about from a joint venture between ER&GE and the customer.

Mk. 5 solid plastic layer pads

ER&GE's solid plastic layer pads have been developed over time through many iterations, driven largely by the need to satisfy the demands of compression strapping of glass pallets. The Mk.4 solid plastic layer pad became the industry standard for this application with examples still in circulation after eleven years.

Whilst layer pads may be designed with many technical attributes, the Mk.4 pad displayed an excellent mix of features, including longevity, grip, slip and washability. The Mk.5 represents the latest generation of solid flat sheet layer pads with enhanced surface qualities to reach a higher angle of slip.


ER&GE already manufactures composite materials for the automotive industry. We're currently testing new compounds on non woven textile materials with promising results.

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