Open mesh steel panel fence sight barrier privacy screening

ER&GE's fence privacy screening offers an attractive easy way to fill in existing open mesh steel panel fences. The strips are interwoven horizontally to produce an aesthetically pleasing sight barrier that ensures privacy. The screening is available as strips or rolls in a variety of colours, which allows for the creation of unique stripey patterns and designs.

Polypropylene offers a real alternative to similar PVC products in terms of opaqueness, low temperature impact strength, UV and weather resistance. PP however is more cost effective, lighter and safer. Should the fence ever catch fire, no dioxins or hydrochloric acid gas will be released.

ER&GE supplies leading UK fence specialists, manufacturers and installers.

  • manufactured using high grade PP
  • 191mm wide
  • UV protected
  • weather proof
  • choice of embossed surfaces
  • colours: green, anthracite
  • (other colours available on request)
  • light barrier fence

    Premium rolls and strips are precision extruded to a thickness of 1.1mm. Lighter rolls are available in 0.7mm thickness.


  • cardboard core
  • 35 or 50 metres per roll


  • 2.52m or 2.55m long
  • 10 per pack
  • Sicht schutz Zaun Streifen aus PP Kunststoff - Technisches Datenblatt

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